Planning a wedding can be one of the most fabulous things ever. Because it involves different segments of the couples big day from the beautiful ceremony to the perfect reception. The thing about weddings is that it is one day and it needs to be perfect. The sense of style should reflect on the bride and groom. In order for the day to be memorable and successful there is a lot of planning and structure that is involved in the whole process. This all starts with the kind of ideas that the bride and groom has regarding there big day. Once all the ideas are noted down it is time to take the challenge and get to work.

One of the most interesting themes for a wedding is the retro theme. It is full of character and personality. The styles from the 40s, 60s and 90s with a little modern touch will make just about the perfect retro wedding. When you take this style you should make sure you plan your wedding around it especially when it comes to the decorations it should be full on retro, the wedding dress and the squads should have elements that show that you are with the theme, the transportation should be something like a kombi van and the photographer should be able to catch the theme as well.You can always decide whether you want your big day to have memories of the past of whether you want it to be very much theme oriented. Then you can make the choices. You can pick out the era you want your wedding to channel the most. And start channeling different styles from that era. You can put the dress code up on the invitations it could be handsome tuxedos for the men and feminine dresses for the ladies. Check this website to find out more details.

You can kombi hire for weddings and make your guests arrive in it or even use it for your couple and retinue photoshoots. Photography plays a really important role, because this is what is going to last for the longest time. The photography should represent the retro style. And the photographer should be able to catch the style and also be able to reflect the era chosen. Little details such as the style of music chosen and the food that you’re planning to serve will bring the retro ambience. Attention to details like the clothes and decoration especially plays a main role. These are few ways in which you can catch the essence of the famous retro theme and make your wedding an amazing day of your life.