Why Is Engineered Timber Flooring Preferred Over Others?

Why Is Engineered Timber Flooring Preferred Over Others?


Companies promote their products by adapting different strategies and they manage to gain the attention of customers for the very first time but after that it is the customer who decides whether to buy it again or not. Similarly; there are many different types of floor boards in perth and each of the type comes with its own pros and cons. Floor boards are basically the long wooden planks that are installed in a way that they form a stable structure to be made as a floor. After experiencing different types of floor boards and getting to know about their negative and positive points; people have globally accepted the engineered timber floorboards as their number one choice. In this article; we will be discussing about the fact that why the engineered timber flooring is considered as the most used or preferred type of flooring among all others. 

Engineered timber flooring:

As the name implies; engineered timber floor boards are the kind of floorboards which are multilayered. There upper most and lower most layer is made up of timber while the layers of wood present in the core are made from ply wood. The thickness of such type of floor boards varies from four millimeters to fifteen millimeters. The reasons for accepting engineered timber flooring globally are as follows:

  • It is versatile in characteristics so it can be used for cladding purposes, flooring installation and so on.
  • The multiple layers of this form of floorboards makes it good enough to reduce the moisture problems and prevent the wood from getting swollen.
  • The thickness of the engineered timber floorboards makes it stable and reduces the production of hollow noise to its minimum.
  • It gives the appearance just the same as that of a real wood.


Floorboards are the long planks of wood or timber that are installed to make flooring of residential as well as commercial places. The procedure of installing these planks might vary like some type so of floorings are installed through the procedure of using nails or bolts while there are some such floorboards  which are pieced together like a puzzle and are known as floating flooring. The types of floor boards might vary from laminate flooring to engineered flooring and from vinyl flooring to timber flooring.


Are considering of adding new and classy touch to your place then what can be a better option than he addition of new flooring to your space. Floorboards are sure short way of adding elegance and style to your home that; you have been willing to add. There are different types of floorboards that are used for flooring purposes. “VCS solid timber floors” offers the best quality of floor boards including laminate flooring, engineered timber flooring and much more. They also offer their exceptional installation services.