Baby Cot Vs Co-Sleeper: Which Should You Get?

Baby Cot Vs Co-Sleeper: Which Should You Get?

If you are a young parent who is on the lookout for the perfect place where your new born baby can sleep then there is a high chance that a baby bassinet Sydney is high up on your priority list. However, co-sleeper, a cot that is designed to attach on the side of a bed is another great and practical alternate that young parents can opt for. So, how do you decide which option is best suited for your little bundle of joy? We at have highlighted various benefits of both traditional cots and co-sleepers so that you and your partner can select the best option for the safety, support and development of your precious toddler.

Let’s start with traditional cots and how they are the best choice for your young ones. Traditional baby cots incorporate some of the highest quality raw materials which not only provide greater support for your child but also enhance its durability. Such features make it possible for parents to utilize their originally purchased cot for their future kids which can lead to significant cost savings. This is an additional bonus for young parents who are usually on much tighter budgets. Moreover, parents can rest assure that they are passing on a cot to their next child which has proven to be reliable and helpful towards the safety, comfort and development of their first born. Hence, such parents can safely assume the same for their future kids as well. The design of traditional cots provide great flexibility to parents as most of these can be converted into cot beds and effectively utilized as your child grows in size. This results in greater savings as parents are not required to invest in a single bed for their child due to the flexibility offered through their cot bed instead. Moreover, the same cot bed can easily be utilized for a future child, so parents can easily utilize such a cot bed for anywhere between five to ten years at least. Now that’s what you can availing great value for your hard earned money.

Co-Sleepers are designed to function very similarly to traditional cots and cot beds. Such a feature allows parents to easily switch their toddler’s sleeping position from a cot to a co-sleeper without having to worry about their child’s comfort, safety and development through such a transition. Numerous parents utilize traditional cots for their babies throughout the day and switch them to a co-sleeper at nights in order to ensure convenience for themselves and greater support for their loved ones. Also, co-sleepers makes it possible for parents to tend to their young ones during late nights without having to leave the comfort of their beds and head towards the place where their baby is placed. This is an added benefit for those parents who find it very difficult to wake up in the middle of the night in order to attend to their precious ones. Moreover, a co-sleeper is designed to attach safely and securely to any full-sized bed. Hence, this makes it easier for young parents to look after their toddlers and have a better sleep for themselves.

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