Early childhood education more commonly known as the nursery education is the type of the education which is given to the child from the time when he was born up until the time, he is around eight years old. Many studies have found out that this is the part of the childhood in which the child could learn the most and the habits which are incurred in the child at this very stage of his childhood are very much likely to be permanent. Due to this very reason, many countries have pre school which offer the early childhood education to the child of such age who are yet to go the elementary school. In different countries of the world, the things taught at the early childhood education differ but most of the times this consist of such activities which help the child to develop cognitive abilities and improve his confidence, speech and many other such things which will not only help him in his academics but will also help him in his social interactions over the coming years.

Although, the standard age in which the child is given his early childhood education is also different in different countries and is also very much dependent on the parents of the child as well. If the parents think that their child is ready for the kindergarten without even having the early childhood education then they may be right. In other cases, some parents prepare their child for the kindergarten by themselves or they hire a personal teacher for their child instead of sending him or her to the pre school who could give him the early childhood education.

When the child is in his early years, the parents may also put them in different day care centres while they do their job and in various daycares the children are taught some basic things as well which help them in their thinking abilities and social interaction but the question that arise is that could these qualify as the early childhood education courses? The answer for this particular question has been debated over many times by many people. To put an end to this discussion the Association of the National Education has proposed the five points which determine an educational course as the early childhood education course. All of these points refer that the all aspects of the growth of the child are covered and the education must not be focused on some particular areas only so that the child could learn more effectively and the staff of the early childhood education are able to identify the learning patterns of the children as well.